Concept, Pitch.

2018 | 3rd Semester


This project was designed for a communication in space seminar. We were briefed to create a hotel room concept for the future, offering new ways to accommodate business travelling Millennials. Josefa and I extended this task to creating a whole hotel concept. Feel free to scroll through some slides from our final pitch-like presentation below.

We closely analysed our target group and the predicted progress of urbanisation to understand their future desires and needs. The Millennial generation was raised without omnipresent internet, spending time on green playgrounds and in gardens. Vacations were often spent in nature, with activities such as camping and hiking. Although they have strong nostalgic feelings for these “good old times”, Millennials live highly urban lives in ever-growing cities and are therefore used to the comfort delivered by modern technology. For this reason, no matter how strong the nostalgic feelings, the "digital romantics” will only use possibilities to go back to nature if combined with enough technological comfort. Consequently, the main challenge was to combine a natural retreat with technological comfort in urban surroundings.

We designed an authentic experience of nature integrating a whole forest into a hotel building courtyard, creating an island of nature in the middle of a cosmopolitan city. All of the hotel rooms are directed to the center courtyard, where an intact forest is planted. Thanks to an entirely reflective facade, visitors can enjoy the illusion of an endless forest looking out of their windows. Lying in a bed that is sunk into the floor, guests experience a touch of camping vibes while enjoying the comfort of a modern hotel room.

Josefa and I visualised our ideas for hotel rooms, the hotel restaurant and rooftop bar, as well as a spa area with photoshop compositions. Arbor is currently being prepared to take part in a design competition in July 2019.

Team: Josefa Rackl.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Keynote.